Suto Lore – Sorcerer attempting to summon powerful beings from another plane.

Voice Below – Unknown entity aiding and abetting Suto Lore.

Dundraville Townsfolk

Berk and Clay Paracook – The halfling owners of Berkclay Brothers Brewery hit it off with the party, particulary with Tiffin (it’s a halfling thing – you wouldn’t understand). The ogre’s demands were particularly hard on their business as they were providing barrels of ale and wine each time the extortion was being paid. While the town reimbursed the brewers, it covered only the wholesale cost of alcohol, not the net revenue generated from the same quantities sold at their establishment. Berk, who runs the opeations and finances of the business, is a little more reserved and stand-offish, but Clay, the master brewer, has warmed to the party almost as if they were family.

Sheryn-ella – The half elf druid was tending the local druidic shrine honoring Elhonna and Obad-Hai when Bowen was assigned to releive her for a time. Sheryn-ella was alarmed to hear the wizards plan to summon a powerful demon and has left town to report the news to the Conopeum Verde, a loose druidic council who oversee the lands in these parts.

Dayl, Darly and Dayla – The serving maids from the Merry Riot Inn have been extraordinarily thankful their sister Dayl was rescued from the wizard’s cages. Dayl has been somewhat reclusive since the incident, but many a drink and meal has been on the house at the Inn.

Lord Duncan Merriweather – Though grateful for the party’s intervention, the Lord Mayor was insistent that his people be repaid for their suffering and stolen goods returned. The party is allowed to keep the items from the wizard’s lab and jewels, but the stolen money and livestock were returned to the town.

Old Tarik One-Arm – The reclusive curmudgeon has probably shown the party more warmth than he has most other folk in town of late but considering his personality, that still isn’t much.

Jonas – The gnomish mechant has kept to himself since his rescue from the wizard’s cages, but a few days later, a package is delivered to the party with 100 gp worth of gems, a very tidy sum for a merchant of relatively modest means.

Durbin – The dwarven carpenter has also not been seen much in town since the incident. It is likely his pride is wounded by his unwilling participation in the wizard’s schemes. Despite knowing he had little chance against the charm enchantment, he is shamed by his collusion in the ordeal.

Kerwin – Owner of the general store and co-owner of the Inn along with Berk, Kerwin has shown his appreciation through continued hospitality at the Inn.


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