Grand Duchy – A collection of dukedoms, counties, cities and settlements of the Eastern Kingdom. Despite the name “Grand Duchy”, it is normally ruled by a King (though not at present).

Threshold – Capital of the Grand Duchy of the Eastern Kingdom and trading hub on the Hrusen River. Ruled by the Regent General, a position passed down through a military family since the fall of King Guthwald II during the siege by the Horned One’s armies decades past. The Regent General holds the throne in absence of an heir to the kingdom. Since generations have passed since the last potential heir was discovered, it is not known if the current Regent General would lay down rulership of the kingdom should an heir come forward. Since none have thus far, there has been little challenge to the status quo.

Ferrantheim – Medium sized town along the Hrusen River. The town is a center for scholarly learning hosting a monastery, a guild of scribes and a “hochschule” – a school for the study of natural philosophy. Ferrantheim now houses the largest library collection in the kingdom.

Dundraville – Small farming and fishing community on Lake Dundrae, once menaced by an ogre controlled by Suto Lore. Dundraville is not particularly important from a geographical or political standpoint, but does lie along the main trade route between Threshold and the villages along the frontier of the Grand Duchy. Though small, it sees a fair amount of trade and frontier/settlement traffic heading East.

Waypoint – Trading and farming community along the East Way trade route. Originally a caravanserai, it has grown up in the last 20 years, becoming a thriving (but still somewhat small) hub for trade.

Botkinburg – The name of the primary town in a small, recently established Dukedom in the North of the Grand Duchy.

Hrusen River – One of two major North-South waterways along which much of the trade of the eastern Grand Duchy flow. The Hrusen stands between the more civilized cities and towns in the West and the frontier towns and settlements to the East.


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